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deviation in storage by Zuiker


hey everyone, this may come as a bit unexpected. but I just have this urgent need to write this as I believe justice needs to be served to all of those who may or may not have heard of tv tropes.

for starters. tv tropes is a website dedicated to pretty much dissecting every piece of media: from war and piece all the way down to something as trivial as the very hungry caterpillar (im not kidding  WTF…)

it was founded in 2004 as a way for people with way to much time on their hands to pull apart every work of fiction and non fiction in the most unapologetic fashion possible.

this initial phase from 2004-2008 was known as the sites golden age, people contributed however they liked and could edit any page, including troper pages (pages wrote by a troper), in whatever fashion so long as the orginal "troper" approved COMPLETLY ANONYMOUSLY of the edit and the admins only job was to defend against hackers.

due to youtube level policing of the admins of the golden age (aka very minimal). trolls ran rampant with total impunity like the gangsters of the 20's, and the results were hilarious which actually made the site a lot more fun rather than "make it scary" as the founder of TV tropes claims. just imagine, penis jokes on the trope page of the lion king. this wild west lawlessness projected an aura that made the site popular in the first place unlike the founders claim it scared people away.

then this era came to a close in 2010, the site was officially caught red handed by Nazi googles facist moral radar for violating the content agreement for using google ad sense.

well firstly this all got kicked off when someone just went up and snitched to google spoiler alert: HES A GREIFER WHO WANTED NOTHING MORE THAN TO SEE THE SITE BURN FOR HIS OWN SICK AMUSEMENT!!


secondly, what did you think was going to happen when you affiliated with google.

but unfortuneately, instead of finding an alternative to adsence, he decided to bend hand over heels to google and become its BDSM sex slave like YouTube.

this became known as the google incident and completely sterilized the site of any form of social deviance. n(social deviance is the mortar that keeps the bricks of democracy in place.)

if the golden age was comparable to the 20's, then the Google crisis was the stock market crash and now the site is in a hellish depression.

you see, TV tropes was never intended to be those just for fun sites, it wasint until I was banned unjustly that I realized they don't give a rats ass about their userbase.

for example, fasteddie as the founder is named on site, was asked a question about why he doesent just give google the middle finger and try another add software to fund the site, he basically said

"We tried Project Wonderful for two months; in that time they produced roughly the same ad revenue as Google does in a couple of hours."-fasteddie

basically he admitted that he lacked any resolve or moral character and caved in to googles demands because he was a greedy bastard who lacks patience.

after the google incident, the site went down the dark road of "political correctness", the immensely corrupt admin council which ill get to in a minute, and total lack of serious debate in the name of "cautious editing judgment" which is a blatant euphemism for "write what we approve of, you have no freedom of press here, your our bitch now"

first things first, they gutted anonymity and privacy, making the site a little less of a friendly roadside café and more of a security checkpoint. seriously they even track your IP through cookies and archives just to make sure you don't make a new account even after you were banned for being "too controversial".

I say to that, morality doesent exist, only preference. that goes to you too Google.

second, the regulation goes beyond just keeping sexual content at bay, apparently criticizing religions that promote rape and genocide and politicians who go out of their way to deprive us of more and more of our freedoms is off limits?! that what the hell is the point of free speech press if its "rude" to use it in the most constructive way possible? im looking at you too FRANCE AND UK!!

third, the admins have zero accountability towards the genral troper community, they reward people who toe the line of their own personal points of view while stifling dissenting points by considering them as said above, "controversial" or "bigoted".

also, whats with this zero tolerance policy of if you slipped up into something TOO obscene once, your banned for life. that's like giving the death penalty on a J walker, completely unjustified.

I say they hold no accountability is that theirs no rules or "constitution" governing the admins themselves. their original purpose was just to police the site for porn so anything else their doing as of now is a serious overreach of their power.

oh and did I forget to mention their basically in those positions for life and no elections for no admin are planned. that makes tv tropes after 2010 the biggest totalitarian website I have ever seen with the admin basically running it like their the fucking portiburo.

final verdict: guilty of crimes against internet neutrality rules set up as of last year by the FCC. 

sentence: either tv tropes reforms its policys and allows what it used to have back before 2010 such as anonymous posting, allowing all forms of discussion regardless of disagreement and regular elections of admins or I'll report this corrupt site to the FCC for net neutrality violations.

so are their any alternatives, YES, everyone from now should go to All The Tropes ( a non profit fork site of TV tropes that allows free form discussion and even fun loving gadflys on every page) from now on as linked here:…

UPDATE: im not the only one who thinks this, so im not some isolated crackpot. tv tropes and other websites like it need serious reform. also, I guess I should add misogyny and gender bias to the list too according to these articles.……

UPDATE 2: the main all the tropes site is down, possibly due to overflow from my recommendation so if you come up with an error page when accesing the site, go to its backup wikia page>>…


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the portrait above is acctualy a rotoscoped version of myself. yep just took my own picture and drew over it with my own style. pretty cool hugh?! oh and i finnaly figuired out how to use stamps YAAAAY!!!

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About Saint_Gasoline

I am a self-proclaimed pseudo-intellectual who loves dashes. I enjoy politics, science, philosophy, fart jokes, and water balloons, not necessarily in that order. I spend 95% of my time online, and the other 5% of my time in the bathroom, longing to get back on the computer. If, God forbid, you somehow find me amusing instead of crass and annoying, be sure to check out my blog and podcast at

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he has fallen in o the toughest of times (blame the economy) but his prowess as an artist has never shone brighter.

please show your support and offer at least a minimum of 10 points per person.

I will also add i am under oath not to embezzle these funds in any way.

did i forget to mention you get 1 fav for every 10 points you give. :D

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